An Experimental Voting Feature
For the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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The Future of Voting Is Here

Immutable, Collusion Proof & Censorship Free

This voting application is built with blockchain distributed ledger technology. Every transaction
of information is verifiable and auditable on a global distributed ledger.

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Try out the experiment and cast your vote for the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Features To Be Added:

Join the Hall of Fame

Reference your name and add a message or shoutout
with your vote to signify your contribution as a fan.

Boost Your Vote

You can amplify your votes with various methods
such as referring a friend, adding a video message
or purchasing music.

Engage Fellow Fans

Connect with fans of your favorite artist, by
interactive voting through social media.

Real Time Analytics

Watch the votes add up in real time. Other metrics
such as most plays or most searched artists will be
included with social integrations.